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How to integrate SpringBoot application with AWS Dynamo DB

Updated: May 25, 2020

Pre - Requisite :

  1. Java 1.8 ( or above)

  2. Intellij Idea IDE

  3. WinSCP

  4. Putty and PuttyGen

  5. AWS Account

Please refer my previous blog on EC2 instance creation,putty and winscp installation and connecting it with EC2

Logon to AWS account and click on the drop down on the top right hand side

Create New Access Key

Create Database in Dynamo DB

Click on create and the add data to Dynamo DB table :

Download source code from GITHUB:

Open Intellij IDEA IDE and Compile it

Please not ,we will connect to AWS using region instead of url/endpoint and enter the accesskey and secretkey in the properties files derived as shown in the above screenshots.

Once the code is compiled.Connect to your EC2 instance and transfer the file using WinSCP

Login to the EC2 instance using putty

Run the commmand : java -jar springboot_awsdynamodb-ec2.jar

Open any browser

1) To Fetch the data which we had inserted in DB, we will use findById method which will return only single row based on the ID


2) To Fetch all data, we will use findByAll method


3) To insert/save single data

Use below code

Hit below url


Inserted Successfully

4) To insert/save multiple data

Use below code:

Hit the url :

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