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Domain SSL Certificate Expiry Notifications using Slack

What all we need :

  • Slack – One Platform for your team and work.

  • AWS Lambda – It runs your code without provisioning or managing servers. The Lambda console provides a code editor for non-compiled languages that lets you modify and test code quickly.

  • AWS Cloudwatch – Cloudwatch events are used to trigger Lambda functions at scheduled intervals.

We need to download and install slack

1) DownLoad and Install Slack

Create a Channel in Slack and don't make it private.

Channel is created

Goto App Section and integrate WebHook

Click on Add to Slack

Copy the Webhook URL and note it down.


Click on Save Settings

2) Create Lamda Function

Click on Create Function

Click on Create Function

We will use python:

Paste the script from below attachment

Script :

Download TXT • 3KB

To test it manually, we need to modify the script:

Click on "Configure test event " under Test option as shown below

Create an event as below

Click on Create and Run the test.You will get the slack notification

3) Configure Cloudwatch Event

Click on Rules

Set Schedule and Targets

As per the Schedule, the Lambda Function would be triggered and you will get slack notification

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