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How to deploy SpringBoot App on AWS EC2 instance and retrieve key/value pair from AWS Secret Manager

Updated: May 25, 2020

Pre - requisite :

  1. AWS Account

  2. Java 1.8 and above

  3. Putty

  4. WinSCP

  5. IntelliJ Idea IDE

Logon to AWS site ( )

Select EC2 instance

Click on Launch Instance

Download and keep it in a proper local folder

Your Instance is created

Create Secret Manager in AWS

Select Secret Manager from Services in AWS

Click on Store a New Secret

Connect to AWS Linux

Download Putty :

Open PuttyGen from you taskbar and load the key pair name downloaded during creation of EC2 instance.

Open Putty

Enter your public DNS name in Host  Name(or IP Address) Text Box which you will get fro EC2 instance as below

After entering the Host name, we need to load the private ppk key

If you don't assign/allow SSH port in your EC2 instance ,you will get below error:

For this click on security group as below in your EC2 instance newly created

Now load the saved aws session from putty and you will be able to login now.

Login as ec2-user

After successfully updation, login as super user

Install java 1.8

After successfully updation, you will be able to see latest java version

Open any IDE and create a sample spring boot application .

SourceCode :

Download sourcecode and build it

Region can be determined from AWS site

To transfer the jar(application) we can use WINSCP

Give read and write option to the jar : chmod 777 *

If you get bellow error:

Then Attach an IAM role to the EC2 instance

subhasishdemo is the IAM created

Go back to EC2 Instance

Allow port in Security Group--> Inbound Rules

Go back to putty  and run springboot application

URL :   <IPv4 Public IP>:<port>/<resourcepath>

Domain name can be formed using IPv4 Public IP mentioned in EC2 instance

Once you hit the url, you will be able to see the key/value retrieved from Secret Manager.

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