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Deploy App in PCF(Pivotal Cloud Foundry)

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

  • Install CLI by clicking on the .exe

  • Download Sample ( Spring Boot) app from GIT using GIT BASH

git clone

  • Navigate to App Directory

$ cd cf-sample-app-spring/

$  cf login -a –u <pivotal login user id> -p <pivotal login password>

Sometime creation of org does not happen through command line, you might get the below error:

So you may use the Pivotal Site to create one as below. Signup for Free Trial and then go to Pivotal  Web Services.

Claim your Free Trial and then Create a ORG

ORG Created

Check the ORG created under your ID

Click on + Add  a Space and Space is created

Create a Target using above ORG and SPACE

Push Code to Cloud using command :  cf push

It is deployed to PCF now

It is up and running and you can hit the url in any browser

Miscellaneous Command :

  • Views logs in Console

Recent logs :  cf logs cf-spring –recent

Live stream :  cf logs cf-spring

  • Horizontal Scaling

    cf scale cf-spring -i 2

  • Check the status of app

cf app cf-spring

  • Increase the memory limit for each app instance:

            cf scale cf-spring -m 1G

  • Increase the disk limit for each app instance:

            cf scale cf-spring -k 512M

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